Game Rules

1) Alt accounts are forbidden. Only one account by person can be created.
2) You may share network with another player, but only two players are allowed by each network. Also, you are not allowed to attack or buy items between accounts.
3) You must be respetful with the rest of the players. Insulting, being racist, being extremely rude or swearing is not allowed.
4) Bug abusing is not allowed. If you find any error within the game, you must report it to Support Lord of the Fiefs so it gets fixed as soon as possible. You will get a reward by doing this.
5) Multiplayer accounts are prohibitted. This means that one account must have only one owner, and therefore password sharing is not allowed.
6) The only objective of playing with an account is to improve it, and not to benefit other players.
7) You should not spam or promote anything.
8) The administrators will decide the punishment for breaking any of these rules.
9) The administrators may change these rules at any time.