Privacy Policy

External references and links
For all links to web pages whose content and status are not within the influence of BlasDev the following provisions hold:
BlasDev possesses no influence on the layout and the content of external web pages. BlasDev dissociates itself from external content and web pages, if they violate the law or offend common decency.

Legal validity
This liability disclaimer is written on behalf of the BlasDev website. If any formulation of any part of this text should not correspond or not correspond completely to the current law, then the other parts of this declaration shall remain untouched.

This Privacy Policy will provide information about which personal data is collected and how it is used by BlasDev, represented by managing director Angel de Blas C/La Oliva 21 1ºF , 28231 Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain (, on this web page.

Handling of personal data
Personal data are informations that can be attributed to a person, i.e. name, email, phone number as well as hobbies, memberships or visited websites.
BlasDev stores the following personal information:
- Email address: Used to identify the player and to confirm their account. The email address will not be shared with third party but may be used for the website for internal advertisements.
- Username: The username is not considered as personal data, and the user should try to choose a username that does not include any personal information, such as name or last name.

When contacting BlasDev by email the email is stored in the mailing provider of BlasDev.

When users access the service one or more cookies are saved on the users device. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, smartphone or other device when you access the internet. Cookies are used to increase the comfort and quality of the service, for example by saving the users interface settings. Cookies do not harm the device they are stored on and do not contain viruses. The service can not be used without cookies.
If you want to restrict or block the cookies we set, you can do this through your browser settings. The help function within your browser should tell you how. The user can delete all cookies at any time via the privacy settings of his browser. Doing this will limit the features and usability of the service.
The cookies that are stored within the platform are:
- cookieconsent_status: Saves a cookie to avoid asking for cookie accept
- Google Adsense: Please click this link to see Google Adsense's cookies
- Google Analytics: Please click this link to see Google Analytics' cookies
- JSESSIONID: This cookie is created/sent when a session is created. This cookie must exist or else the player will not be able to play.
Withdrawal of consent, changes, corrections and updates
The user has the right to request informations about the personal data that has been gathered by the service and also revoke the information gathered by the website requesting it via email to